The simple joint stock company project goes live

(Created: 16.06.2017 12:15, Source: NCDCP)

At the start of this year, a law on simple joint stock companies (JSA) came into effect, introducing a flexible form of business which, thanks to optimum price rules, could become a favourite form for start-ups. National Central Securities Depository is a natural partner for this types of project having been authorised to keep registers of the holders of JSA shares and the special rights associated such shares.

NCDCP has the necessary technology, qualified staff and logistical capacity to provide services connected with the registration of shares and special rights. NCDCP has created a section of its website dedicated to this topic, which presents the basics of what simple joint stock companies are, guidelines for the issuers and owners of shares in JSAs, public registers of the shareholders of JSAs, registers of the right to transfer shares and the right to request a transfer for shares and interactive forms that can be submitted immediately in electronic form.

The participants of NCDCP have an important part to play in the establishment of a JSA because JSA shareholders must register their shares on a securities account opened with a depository participant. At present, such services are provided by two participants of NCDCP: JELLYFISH o.c.p., a.s. and OTP Banka Slovensko, a.s..

If you would like more information on registering a JSA or related services, you can call NCDCP’s telephone number or use the 24-hour e-mail contact or our website contact form.