NCDCP Advisory Committee

(Created: 10.11.2016 00:45, Source: NCDCP)

In accordance with its Operational Rules, NCDCP prepares the first meeting of the advisory committee which is a professional advisory body that will be composed of NCDCP, its members, other representatives which may represent the Bratislava Stock Exchange (BSSE), National Bank of Slovakia, Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic, and professional associations of financial institutions.

The first meeting of the NCDCP Advisory Committee scheduled for 22nd November 2016 will be special by being combined with the meeting of the representatives of the relevant participants in the capital market, i.e. banks and security dealers whom we want to inform about the current activities of NCDCP, including but not limited to the status of the project of interconnection between the CSD and the BSSE system, NCDCP migration to the T2S system, and the prepared changes in the NCDCP Price List.

Additional details relating to organization and agenda of the meeting are contained in the invitations that were distributed in the beginning of October.