Initial members and issues

(Created: 10.11.2016 00:45, Source: NCDCP)

National Central Securities Depository Bratislava (NCDCP), as a new subject in the infrastructure of support of the Slovak capital market started its normal activities in June this year, and at the same time enhanced its marketing and communication activities with the aim to acquire new members, clients, and issuers of securities.

The outcome of this effort was conclusion, upon prior consent of the National Bank of Slovakia (“NBS”), of contracts on membership in NCDCP with initial partners. The first member and the first non-banking member in NCDCP is Across Wealth Management, o.c.p., a.s., and the first banking member in NCDCP is OTP Banka Slovensko, a.s.. Another request of an international bank is in the process of review by NBS, and intensive communications are carried out with some other bank subjects and brokers relating to their prepared membership.

The NCDCP´s business activities resulted in registration of fourteen lists of shareholders maintained for nine issuers of registered shares in documentary form, and two issues of book-entry securities (status as of 31st October), while additional lists and issues are in the stage of processing. By providing such services, NCDCP has successfully verified in practice the functionality of the set methodologic procedures and the system support of the business process.