Information on NCDCP also in the Sibos conference in Geneve

(Created: 10.11.2016 00:45)

NCDCP, as the new subject of infrastructure in the international financial market, introduced itself also to the participants of the prestigious Sibos conference 2016 organized by SWIFT, that was held on 26th – 27th September 2016 in Geneve, by the article in the professional „MI Forum“ magazine published on the given occasion.

The content of the article is an interview with Ľubor Jenis, chairman of the Board of Directors and the General Manager of NCDCP, where he introduced the new Slovak central depository and its main objectives.

In view of the fact that the given bulletin was available to approximately eight thousand visitors of the concomitant fair, namely financial experts and top managers representing the global financial community, this form of presentation represents for NCDCP an important cross-boundary gate opening new possibilities of communication and partnership.

The link for the MI Forum magazine in electronic form is on the SWIFT web page here