Security Dealers Have Met with the Representatives of the New Depository

(Created: 22.09.2015 16:00, Source: NCDCP)

The National Central Securities Depository (hereinafter NCDCP) has held the working meeting with the security dealers representatives operating on the Slovak capital market to introduce to them its plans and current situation in preparation of the full operation.

At the meeting supported by the Association of Security Dealers the representatives of this sector as potential clients of NCDCP were informed about organisational and technical conditions of operations, about upcoming services in line with given legislative criteria and market requirements and about pricing policy of the society.

The representatives of the National Bank of Slovakia took part this meeting followed as similar meeting held in June this year where the new depository was introduced to the banks. The participants of the meeting were mainly interested in topics of the area of interconnection systems and communication at closing securities transactions, security of hardware solutions and product – price strategy.

Mr. Ľubor Jenis, CEO of NCDCP emphasized at the meeting and effort of the project team to effective settings of the company functioning so as to be able to invest to the quality product equipment and set motivating pricing strategies mentioned above.

The Chair of the Executive Committee of the Association of Security Dealers Mr. Robert Kopál at the end of the meeting said: “I believe that establishment of the new CSD together with realisation of the other measures of the Government Strategy will represent an impulse to the improvement of the Slovak capital market and bring a new quality in infrastructure support to its participants“.