Protection of securities

In accordance with the European Regulation No 909/2014 (CSDR), Chap. II, Section 3, Art. 38, NCDCP, for each securities settlement system it operates, keeps records and accounts that shall enable it, at any time and without delay, to segregate in the accounts with the NCDCP the securities of a participant from those of any other participant and, if applicable, from the NCDCP’s own assets (Paragarph 1).

In accordance with the aforementioned Article of the CSDR (Paragraph 6), we has disclosed the levels of protection and the costs associated with the different levels of segregation that NCDCP provides, and description of the main legal implications of the respective levels of segregation offered, including information on the insolvency law applicable in the relevant jurisdiction, in the enclosed document Protection of securities of participants and those of their clients.