NCDCP successfully tests T2S migration

(Created: 27.09.2017 13:15, Source: NCDCP)

In August and September, Národný centrálny depozitár cenných papierov, a. s. (NCDCP) conducted three successful rounds of testing of the migration of static and dynamic data into the TARGET2-Securities (T2S) system.

The purpose of the first round from 1.08. to 15.08.2017 and the second round from 21.08 to 25.08.2017 was to test the migration of static and dynamic data to T2S in the EAC environment (interoperability enviroment). In both rounds NCDCP also carried out business day testing to verify the basic functionality of the system over a business day. Neither round identified significant deficiencies in NCDCP’s system affecting its connection to T2S.

A third round of testing that NCDCP conducted from 13.09. to 22.09.2017 was also successful. This tested the migration of static and dynamic data into T2S in the UTEST environment (preproduction environment), again without any major deficiencies.

At present NCDCP, its participants and the other players in the Slovak capital market – the National Bank of Slovakia, the Bratislava Stock Exchange and ARDAL (the Debt and Liquidity Management Agency) – are conducting joint community testing. This phase of testing began on 25/09/2017 and should be completed on 13/10/2017.

Testing of the T2S migration process is part of NCDCP’s systematic preparations for the changeover to the single technical platform for the Eurosystem, which is due to take place at the end of October this year.