Important notices concerning the T2S migration

(Created: 04.10.2017 13:40, Source: NCDCP)

Please note that due to NCDCP’s migration to the T2S system, between the dates 18.10. and 27.10.2017 it will not be possible to register issues of book-entry securities or conclude contracts for participants to access NCDCP’s services with effect falling within that period.

In urgent cases, please contact NCDCP for consultation and the possible granting of an exemption.

Additionally, please note that NCDCP’s information system cannot register settlement instructions with a forward due date 30.10.2017. The reason for this is that pending settlement instructions with this due date will not be migrated. Settlement instructions with this due date will be entered only on 30.10.2017 after NCDCP’s successful migration to T2S. NCDCP thanks you for your understanding.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via one of our communication channels – our email address, our contact form or by telephone.