Fourth time with AGC

(Created: 04.11.2019 16:00, Source: NCDCP)

This year, the NCDCP also participated in the annual collection of relevant information for the Association of Global Custodians, based in Washington, USA, as part of the worldwide Depository Information-Gathering Project (DIGP). This happened for the fourth time since the formation of the depository.

The Association of Global Custodians (AGC) launched a project to gather information concerning central securities depositories operating in countries around the world for the first time in September 2000. Based on the information provided by the depositories to custodians through this project and their analysis, investors make determinations with regard to the risks of holding securities.

As an informal group, the AGC brings together 12 global custodian banks that are major providers of securities custody and settlement services for institutional investors worldwide. It is important for the NCDCP that it has already established direct contacts with many of these global banks.

The importance of the project is also confirmed by the fact that in last year 127 depositories participated in it, of which 94 published questionnaires on its website or agreed to provide data upon request. The NCDCP also signed up to the transparency principle this year, when the complete AGC Questionnaire for 2019-2020 can be found on its web site, along with the questionnaires from the previous three years.