The National Central Securities Depository was introduced to banks

(Created: 22.06.2015 14:00, Source: NCDCP)

The representatives of The National Central Securities Depository (Národný centrálny depozitár cenných papierov, a. s., NCDCP) have met with the representatives of commercial banks operating in the Slovak capital market and presented their project about preparation and future operations. The main responsibility of NCDCP depository should be an infrastructure support of the Slovak capital market.

The meeting was held at the Institute of Banking Education of the National Bank of Slovakia. The key point was to inform banks as potential partners of the new CSD Depository about the reasons for establishment, organizational and employee capacity of its operations and services and upcoming projects. In addition they talked about communication and information systems, especially in terms of their safety and user entitlements.

“We begin intensive communication with institutional players in the capital market. They will be fully informed about the implementation status of our project. We expect their comments that we are intending to seriously deal with to serve them as for future members and clients, we would like to prepare optimal, modern and effective solutions." said Mr. Ľubor Jenis, Chairman and CEO of The National Central Securities Depository.

During a discussion with bankers, the dominant subject was technical issues, for example, about setting systems and their functionality. Bankers were interested in the types of securities accounts for which the new depositary will conduct, especially in relation to the legislation governing the area of end users.

The atmosphere of the event can be seen through our photo report.