European legislation in the centre of our attention

(Created: 05.05.2015 10:00, Source: NCDCP)

On Monday, 4th May, 2015 employees of The National Central Securities Depository (NCDCP) attended professional presentation which content included an explanation of European Parliament and Council regulation no. 909/2014 from 23rd July, 2014 about the improvement of settlements of securities transactions in EU and central securities depositories and about directives 98/261/ES, held in the premises of the Institute of Banking Education in Bratislava by Mr. Ľubor Malina, who is one of the most experienced experts in financial markets and EU legislation. The presentation and following discussion have significant benefits for the NCDCP team especially now when we are building real activities and we are setting all operating rules.

We are pleased that we expect further educational events in future directed more on detailed understanding of the European rules in this area in order to increase a level of knowledge of the team members, which is a prerequisite for the quality of service provision and advanced properties solutions for specific situations associated with them.